A year in review

Our Data Stories Piqued your interest, from COVID-19 impacts, to wheat harvests, to accurate arrival time estimating

This year we launched Spire Data Stories, short stories centered around data insights that we found interesting from our AIS tracking data archives. These short narratives are driven by the curiosity of our Spire Data Engineers and current events in the blue economy. Our Slack channels at Spire were always clicking with interesting data snippets that our Maritime team discovered and shared. We thought you might enjoy them as well, so we began posting them on our website and sharing them on LinkedIn.

Here is a round-up of the most popular data stories we published in 2020. They run the gamut from early COVID-19 impacts on tanker traffic to holiday shipping and delays at busy ports around the world. Share your ideas for stories we should cover in 2021 with us on LinkedIn and thank you for supporting our Data Stories platform this year. We sincerely appreciate your interest and your feedback.