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Air Traffic Data Shows Signs of a Comeback: First Green Shoots Appear in China

The pandemic winter for aviation has passed. The first green shoots are out. This data story featuring Asia, is the first from the four part Spire Aviation world series. Travel lockdown wiped out demand for […]


Are Lower Fuel Prices Increasing Maritime Speeds?

Watching oil stock prices rally last week had us checking our AIS data to see if we might find some patterns to explain the fluctuations. While energy analysts argued the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stock […]


World's Heaviest Aircraft is Reborn: Tackles Critical Air Cargo Demand

The world’s largest cargo plane, the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, is back after a two-year stay in maintenance. With six engines (and a whopping 16 pairs of landing gear), the plane can transport around 550,000 pounds […]


How Covid-19 is Impacting Maritime Trade

This chart shows a decline in US and global oil markets portrayed by tankers calling US ports. Activity is normal until week 13, when tanker traffic in US ports begins to decline. Numbers drop from […]

Maritime, Weather

From agriculture to maritime exports: The role of weather in the grain supply chain

Grain is one of the most important yet underrated commodities in the world. This series takes a closer look at key grain ports around the world and the role that weather plays throughout the supply […]


5 Ships' International Voyages

This is a track of five ships with international voyages. The ships had a high velocity and volume of AIS reports, particularly satellite AIS reports when operating in deep ocean and out of the range […]